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Which chair should I buy and which accossorie suits my needs the best?

On this page, we would like to demonstrate a few practical examples of how to make good use of salli equipment. We hope this will help you to find the perfect product for your need. We are also glad to answer your questions if you contact us directly if you would like to have individual recommendations.

Salli saddle chairs for the office:

For working at the office, we recommend a salli saddle chair combined with an ergonomic desk, e.g. the Salli Compact. Furthermore, a wrist rest might be useful, to prevent RSI-Syndrom in your wrist.


Salli saddle chairs for dental surgeries:

For working in dental surgeries, we recomend an arm rest, installed directly on the chair to stabilise and relieve your arms. Possible solutions would be the 360°-moveable Allround Support, or a fixed arm rest.


Salli saddle chairs for industry:

For industrial use, our smooth running and durable industrial castors are highly recommendable. Also, the rotatable Allround Support could be useful.

All accessories can be found in our online shop:
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We have collected our favourite chairs for industrial use here for you.

Please keep in mind, that it is important to have the big base of the chair before adding any accessories, to prevent the chair from tipping over. A big base can be ordered without extra-cost, when you buy the chair.


Salli saddle chairs for home-use / for the household:

Even for working at you home desk or the household, a salli saddle chair is useful. Make sure to chose the right castors (hard castors for soft ground and vice versa) to allow the chair to roll easily.A popular accessorie is the back stretcher, which helps to relax and ease your back.

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